Saturday, 12 April 2008

Quote of the day

“ One showing is better than one hundred sayings.”


...or “A picture paints a thousand words”


jmb said...

Yes indeed. Let's not forget this.

Off topic, I can't find an email address for you but wanted to say thank you for the comment on my SL post. You certainly got into SL very quickly and found many things of interest.

I am still stumbling around aimlessly but TP has been quite helpful.

I noticed several members of the BP group online last night when I was there, including you I think, although I did not know your name till now. Bags was also there but I don't know him so did not say anything. I can't get my new headset to work yet, although sometimes I can hear others on my speakers but not get the mic going. It's a mystery and also very frustrating.

My avatar looks nothing like me. Who wants to look like a 72 year old lady after all? I am still working on it however, but don't intend to age it too much as I'm sure you'll understand. TP says his is very true to life too.

Thanks for your comments.

CFD Ed said...

JMB, I have speech capability I tend not to use it as it uses up bandwidth and it sounds a little odd to my ears. I am a reasonably proficient touch typist anyway so I don’t find just typing a chore. If they are just an unnecessary complication I would suggest you just don’t bother with them for the moment, many people don't.

Re the Av. After my initial inability to get the age I thought why bother? It is a point of reference and it represents you, so why not have it look whatever way you like? Keeping the same look is good for recognition. I just plumped for the younger ‘me’I had achieved.

There is no reason you have to be anything you don’t choose to be. Someone I know managed a creditable Sophia Loren look She likes 50s styles too so it fits well. You can be literally anything though, a dragon, fancy being a unicorn?, a wolf? A spider? A tiger in human shape or a tiger in tiger shape? There are Avatars for all those out there. No reason why you shouldn’t look as young as you feel.