Wednesday, 20 June 2007

EU President 'leans' on Poland and the UK

Barroso is at it again, still trying to strong arm through his (or rather the German Chancellor's), bogus constitution with anti democratic ‘meaningful comments’.

Maybe he would have more luck with one that looked more like this - then again. No, with the EU political elite, probably not.

In Brussels Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, has warned EU members not to block progress towards the EU treaty comprising much of the previously rejected 2005 EU constitution. He warned:

"It is not in the interest of any member state to be in a position that is seen as hardliner,"

“The environment for a deal is clearly there. Please avoid appearing as blocking. This is not intelligent, this is not in your interest.”

“Defend your positions, but don't come with these red lines and vetoes."

by “any member state” he of course means Poland and the UK.

Now why would it be “not in (the UK’s or Poland's) interests” to defend their interests? That really does not make sense.