Monday, 14 April 2008

Brown blamed for economic problems

The Conservatives are blaming Gordon Brown for the present economic crisis.

Given that the current chancellor is effectively his glove puppet and prior to that, for a decade or more, he had his hands firmly on the economic tiller of the UK this is not unreasonable.

More to the point he is part of a party apparatus and world view that erodes our rights and liberties on an almost daily basis, all for our own good mind - because we just don’t know any better, or for our own safety to protect us from the CRIME and TERRORISM they are so ineffective in stemming.

So the Conservatives can go ahead and pin the blame on Gordon Brown and New Labour. They are right and welcome to do so.

Unfortunately the Conservatives and particularly David Cameron do not stand out as an immediately obvious alternative. Certainly it would be difficult to imagine they could fail to make a better showing in many areas, not least economics. But one looks at them as an alternative government more because they are the contender with the best likelihood of finally prising Gordon and his cronies out of power.

At the moment the Conservatives seem more a most likely much less bad alternative, than as something to actually actively seek for themselves.

Their chief attraction is that they are the most viable alternative that is not actually New Labour. Damned with faint praise.

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