Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Fayed’s much heralded Inquest ‘evidence’, all bluster, no substance

Well many of us may have been waiting for some sort startling evidence backed revelations from Mohammed Fayed yesterday, especially those with a penchant for tinfoil lined hats.

If so we were all doomed to disappointment. He had not a shred of it. Zip. Nil, Nought.

One begins to suspect the only conspiracy was on the part of Mr Fayed. That it may all have been some sort of elaborate wind up on Fayed’s part, at the taxpayers expense, designed to allow him to bad mouth as many people as possible under the immunity provided by the court. It strikes one more as a sort of elaborate fingering the nose at the British State, perhaps in revenge for imagined, or even real, slights – But done with your and my money.

His claims are so convoluted and complicated, involving so many people and such random impossible chances and coincidences, that it is difficult to imagine that even he gives them any real credence.

It would simply not be possible for such a vast conspiracy to have hung together for ten weeks, let alone all these years, without concrete evidence, in large amounts leaking big time. If it were there to be had it would have been by now. Also some of the supposed bedfellows are beyond belief – The French and British security services for instance ;-) who would believe that?

Mr Fayed’s research/evidence seems to have led him to believe Prince Philip was German. His views on the subject as expressed in court are not what might necessarily be interpreted as politically correct racially speaking. Whilst prince Philip probably has some German blood from Prince Albert, his grandfather was King George I of Greece and he was born Prince of Greece, so presumably he is more Greek than German and should not be condemned for being either. Prince Philip saw active service for this country throughout WWII.

Mr Fayed has had his expensive joke. His performance and claims have been so risible one wonders, as a lay person, if he may even have laid himself open to contempt.

The proceedings should now be brought to as speedy conclusion as possible, with as little further waste of hard earned taxpayers money as possible.