Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lost & Found

“Who is it in the press that calls on me?”

“I hear a tongue shriller than all the music Cry ‘Caesar!’ Speak, Caesar is turn'd to hear.”

But the trouble is I can’t help feel that he is not turned to hear. Or are you?

Lately I have almost given up blogging. It is not as if there are not plenty of things well worth writing about. Far from it.

But it seems to me that the average citizen seems to be lurching through life like some zombie paying little attention to things that vitally affect their well being. Missing, or failing to understand warning signs. Missing the called warning about the ides of march entirely in the press, Football, celebrity gossip and TV soaps occupying much of their attention.

It is difficult not to feel as if I am wasting my time blogging. Perhapse I should renew my subscription to Murdoch’s Sky sports? :-)

Still. Nil desperandum.

We should all be well aware by now of the sheer incompetence of and off hand contempt many elected officials appear to hold both us, the electorate and their own office in by now.

We see many examples, such as the fiddling of expenses and junkets. The election promises they go back on.

Most recently, lest we begin to forget for a moment, several MPs have been kind enough to remind us.

Oliver Letwin, a Government Minister, for instance, dumping correspondence in a park. He is not alone, Vince Cable Secretary of State for Business is a little careless with his correspondence.

How little these oh-so-important people must think of their constituents who write to them as their represenitive in parliament. How little that the private details of what the writer, no doubt, would fondly imagine to be confidential are left for just anyone to find.

Apparently he has not risked national security – they say. One suspects more due to luck than any judgement.

Don’t they have office shredders? I expect they could get one on expenses. Rather that than hot and cold running High Definition home theatre flat screen TVs in every room of a “designated” second home.

It is not the harm actually done… more that it is a symptom. One that gives an insight into how little “they”, those in power, regard those who entrust them with that power. And how reliable and competent they are to weald it. And how well they protect all our interests.