Wednesday, 10 October 2007

As Advertised on TV – The UK Election petition

That epetition for an election, as advertised on TV, by Mr Smug himself, Gordon Broon Breeks, in PM’s question time.

Go on - you know you want to…

Cheap as chips? Will the UK ePassport work for more than a couple of years?

Remember the ePassport introduced in 2006, to comply with new international requirements? An absolute rip off snip at only £72 and rising.

The Home Office's Identity and Passport Service (IPS) are no doubt congratulating themselves for apparently accomplishing the unlikely feat of bringing in the scheme, on time and on budget. Note 'Identity' in the name – another brick in the wall of Nu-Lab's total surveillance society.

But wait – These are ten year ePassports and they contain a microchip with your data on it.

That microchip is only guaranteed for, wait for it, two years.

That’ll be fun then, when it packs up after 6 years while you are trying to go through US customs and they think you are a terrorist sneaking in on a fake passport.

And exactly who is going to pay for a new one when it stops working?