Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Transparent Government?

Does anyone recall Labour’s e-petition site at the prime minister’s office?

Not that it was ever really much use, but it did at least allow people to blow off some steam and give the government some idea of what their more unpopular ideas and policies were. Maybe it did get them to back-pedal once or twice – who knows?

Well that was then and this is now. It was suspended before the general election, presumably because Gordon didn’t want any more heckling from the punters.

Dave and Nick the “Transparent Government” twins have apparently decided that, rather than be simply and quickly re opened, the e-petition site is to be moved to Direct Gov this year - some unspecified date this year, to be, er, imprecise. This came out in parliament in December.

It’s February now and it is still not working. Odd that, considering they already have a functional system that works fine bought and paid for out of our hard earned taxes. One wonders why they couldn’t just move the pages to Direct.gov?

Still if they had done they would probably be getting nasty e-petitions objecting to selling off the forests, or student fees, or scrapping the Ark Royal, or… maybe something upsetting like this.

What’s the betting they don’t hurry themselves too much to get it up and running?

Still nature abhors a vacuum as they say.