Thursday, 23 August 2007

EU Directive further erodes UK’s control of it’s borders

So now we have it. The UK no longer controls who can and can’t reside within it’s borders. Not if they are Nationals of an EU member State.

A European Union Directive agreed in 2004 by Nu-Lab’s Jack Straw covering freedom of movement within the EU ensures that it is virtually impossible an EU national who has lived in the UK for 10 years or more.

Much the same way as we can’t deport our own nationals - That tells you something in it’s self.

It is interesting to note here that Gordon Brown is hoping to be able to sign away even more of parliament’s powers to the EU in October, if he can successfully avoid a referendum, when he agrees the EU Constitutional ‘Treaty’.

Then there is Nu-Labs 2000 Human Rights Act, nursemaided by the then home secretary – you guessed it Jack Straw that makes it pretty difficult to deport anyone at all.

Of course CFD does hope that mention of this does not make Learco Chindamo who murdered Philip Lawrence in 1995, feel unhappy, as it is NU-Labs pathetic failure to deport him back to his native Italy that raises the problem in the first place.

This must make one question the point of the Human Rights Act, or indeed much of the pointless and duplicating legislation Nu-Lab have foisted on the nation since they came into power.

It is time to very seriously consider revoking the Human Rights Act.

It is a classic piece of poor and pointless legislation that takes what is actually useful to the nation in it from pre existing rights and laws, then foists much that is an inconvenience, or worse, on the nation because those that drafted it never followed the ramifications of it through to their logical conclusion.