Tuesday, 22 January 2008

EU Constitution/’Lisbon Treaty’ passes first UK Parliamentary hurdle

It seems that some 362 MPs are willing to betray both Parliament and the British Public.

It is now beyond any doubt and widely acknowledged, that the so called ‘Lisbon Treaty’ is effectively identical to the rejected European Constitution, there being ”no material difference” between the two..

In fact if the similarity of the ‘treaty’, to the constitution, were the climate debate then Gordon Brown and David Milliband would be the only ‘deniers’ left in a sea of consensus. Of course no one actually imagines they seriously imagine that it is not identical, that they are really deniers – but it does rhyme with deniers.

European Union (Amendment) Bill, New Labour’s cynical rubber stamping of the Constitution Lisbon Treaty has cleared it’s first hurdle and 362 MPs supported Mr Brown’s disingenuous line necessary to provide him and New Labour with the pathetic fig leaf to cover their reneging on the promise of a referendum that new labour were elected on.

A few New labour MPs have the decency, even honour, to resist, but one fears - far too few.