Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Covert inter EU Protectionism?

The Danes have banned Marmite from being sold in Denmark, allegedly because it has too many vitamins and essential minerals.

Marmite is a spreadable yeast extract, first marketed in 1902 originally as a vegetarian alternative to beef extract. The advertising slogan is, "You'll either love it or hate it.". It looks as if the Danish Government does not love it.

It is difficult to believe the recipe for Marmite just changed - and the law the Danish Government have suddenly brought into play to enforce the ban was apparently passed back in 2004.

So why have the Danes suddenly taken it into their heads to "come the heavy" over the innocuous Marmite?

Is this some sort of tit for tat attack on a British product because the British army is planning to feed it's troops British Bacon for breakfast instead of Danish?

It is reported that "The majority of pigs in the United Kingdom, including those in Scotland, are kept to a higher welfare standard than elsewhere in the European Union and other countries." This can push up the cost of the UK product.

Maybe Brits in general should think twice about buying Danish bacon...