Sunday, 26 August 2007

Media Hot air over Diana Thanksgiving Service

Why is the attendance, or non attendance, of Camilla at the thanksgiving service for Diana, Princess of Wales worthy of so much news space?

It was organised by Princes William and Harry in memory of their Mother. It seems after thinking about it Camilla has decided, probably with advice from press officers, not to attend.

She said "I'm grateful to my husband, William and Harry for supporting my decision."

So it seems it’s ok by them. So what’s the problem?

This is a family thing and if it were only that she would probably have attended, but there is a public element.

The hypocritical media love to whinge and moan like maiden aunts about anything to do with Diana. Her 'Evitafication' proceeds apace. How long before they start thinking about beatification as well?

Camilla is probably not attending because, on balance, the political fallout from the media trying to make up and sell news will be marginally less detrimental if she does not, than if she does.

So she is probably trying to protect her family by not attending.

Maybe the media ghouls can look at something more newsworthy now…