Thursday, 17 May 2007

Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann– Still Missing

A thought - I have not heard it suggested on the news - but anyone on holiday in the area in the weeks running up to her disappearance could help, just by looking through all their video footage and stills, to see if there is anything inadvertently captured in them, that in retrospect, might be significant could do their bit.

It could, however unlikely, turn up the missing piece of the jigsaw, so is well worth doing on that basis alone.

'Think Tank' says Teens can't tell right from wrong

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies today issued a report recommending that the age of criminal responsibility should be raised, from 10, to as high as 18.

Are these people completely detached from reality? Are they seriously expecting normal people to believe that, say a sixteen year old, is incapable of telling the difference between right and wrong!

What about a suitable age of criminal responsibility for pixies, or hob-goblins? Maybe they should consider devoting time to those pressing issues. And no doubt, they would like us to think of them as experts, like Alcohol Concern for instance.

Thinking back to the heady days of my youth I knew perfectly well, what was right or wrong. I also knew kids who were well aware of the age of criminal responsibility, who took advantage of that dividing line and clearly knew when they were doing wrong. They were also well aware of the difference between Juvenile court and Magistrate’s Court.

Still I am sure the Government will not have missed the possibility of reducing youth crime to zero at a stroke that this brilliant idea may afford them, just as keeping kids in fill time education until they finish university will reduce youth unemployment to zero.

Just a thought - I wonder if the CCJS gets any funding from the Government.

Apparently the Crime and Society Foundation is an independent charity, Based at King's College London - and bills it’s self as a ‘social policy and criminal justice’ think tank.

Apparently it is open to anyone to join. Students £25, Adults £35. I am not sure if they do special rates for OAPs.

EU wants Taxpayer to foot entire Galileo Bill

The European Union’s satellite-navigation system, Galileo, will have to be built with public funds if it is going to be built at all, the European Commission announced.

So clearly, from this pronouncement, any one with any business sense realises it’s a bit of a white elephant before it even gets off the ground - and are reluctant o throw their own perfectly good money away on it.

Still that sort of consideration never put a politician off wasting tax payer’s money to their own glory. Some £2.7 billion they estimate – yes pull the other one and then multiply it by 12, if the London Olympics are anything to go by.

Now the question immediately arises - Why on earth ;-) would you want to go to the trouble and truly enormous expense, of building you own satellite navigation system, when there is a perfectly serviceable one up there already?

Even if you built it you would then have to try to wean the users of the existing system (who have coughed up cash for their sat-nav equipment) away from it just to get anyone to use it at all.

Is it dog in the manger-ism? Or they fear it will become unavailable. I know the European elite are not fond of the US but I hope they are not actually planning to go to war with them.