Monday, 12 November 2007

Chavez meets his match

During the closing speeches of the 17th Ibero-American Summit (a sort of Spanish version of the meeting of commonwealth head of states) on Saturday evening, in Santiago, Chile. Venezuelan President Hugo Chav-ez barracked the Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, keeping interrupting his speech.

Eventually it got too much and probably with the prospect of getting out of there any time soon receding before his eyes, the Spanish King Carlos demanded; "¿Por quĂ© no te callas?"("Why don't you shut up?") - As one head of state to another.

Probably not the first, by any means, to harbour those sentiments, but one of the few able to say it to his face.


Wolfie said...

Well he was calling Jose Aznar a fascist (which is rubbish of course), ironically Aznar did a far better job of running Spain than that cretin Zapatero whom the King I'm sure secretly despises.

(Remember it was the Spanish monarchy who negotiated the peaceful end to Franco's rule)

CFD Ed said...

Wolfie, All true. I think the king was perfectly justified.