Friday, 5 October 2007

UK Teachers becoming reluctant to teach theory of evolution

It seems that teaches in the UK are becoming more and more reluctant to include the theory of evolution in science classes.

Not as you might initially imagine because of fundamentalist Christian objections.

No. Apparently it is much more because teachers are worried about Moslem objections.

Accoring to a Professor at the Institute of Education, London, Moslems are less likely to accommodate the theory of evolution within their belief structure than Christians. A much greater percentage are Creationists than amongst Christians. The large increase in Moslems in the UK means that there are many more pupils and parents with more extreme creationist views.

One can’t help wondering if teachers would be quite so concerned about the views of, say Christians for example - and if the real driver behind their concerns is not political correctness and fear of being unjustly accused of being institutionally prejudiced, culturally insensitive, or racist, in some way, if objections are raised to their covering the subject.

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