Saturday, 6 October 2007

Gordon Brown - His hand always in your pocket

Broon’s got to pick a pocket or - not just two, but every householder in Britain.

Gordon Broon, no doubt with an eye on electioneering, is announcing that he is planning to pour yet more money into the NHS, an extra £1.4 billion per year.

Side bets on how many times he announces this extra spending and in how many different permutations.

Now the typically sneaky Broon part - The average council tax bill is set to go up by a staggering £200 (double the expected the rate of inflation) over the next three years to cover it!

This might even almost be acceptable - if anyone imagined for a moment that it would make any improvement to what we actually get out of the NHS.

The Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), calculates that Council tax will rise by five per cent a year. Nu-Lab is naturally enough trying to keep this under wraps. By 2011, the average bill will be around £1,500 or more.

Since NU-Lab came to power Council tax bills have consistently risen well above the rate of inflation, as Gordon brown cynically used them to stealthily increase taxation, whilst apparently successfully fooling the sheeple by distracting them with relatively reasonable headline income tax rates.

This disproportionately and punitively shifts a greater proportion of the tax burden on to householders and their families, whist others avoid the burden.

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