Monday, 10 September 2007

We’re all going on a Summer Holiday...

Apologies to regular visitors. Postings are likely to be a little sparse on the ground for the next couple of weeks. The ‘staff’ will be taking a well-earned and overdue break.

Given the complete absence of the (was it the met office?) predicted record summer temperatures and continued drought we intend to escape and maybe find some actual summer.

Somewhere there is no need of the ‘evil’ patio heater, the new 4x4.

Somewhere the tax on alcohol is far less punitive.

We do plan to do stuff that would have the hearty disapproval of the health fascists – and possibly others.

Some ‘binge drinking’ (over 4 glasses of wine in a session), or possibly some ‘problem drinking’ (two or more glasses of wine a day), oh - and eating plenty of good food. So that’ll upset Sir Liam Donaldson, the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.

Don’t tell, the BMA, or Peter Fahy, the Chief Constable of Cheshire, but we will probably be doing some drinking in the street too – well sitting outside a local café or taverna having a drink, or two, at some point.

A flight or two may also be involved…

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Please don’t get out of the habit of visiting.


Grendel said...

Welcome back.

You've been tagged (sorry)

CFD Ed said...

Grendel, Thanks - but I just got back today – well yesterday evening actually.

Cleared 150 junk emails!