Monday, 10 September 2007

Nu-Lab plan free £120 handout for getting pregnant

How stupid is this? Alan Johnson, Nu-Lab’s Health Secretary is promoting another half-baked scheme, largely, by the look of it, in persuit of a sound-bite.

They want to promote healthy eating in pregnant women so they are planning to give a £120 hand out to pregnant women, ostensibly to buy extra 'healthy' fruit and veg.

Sounds ok until you realise the cretins are just dishing out the ‘dosh’, without a care as to what it is actually spent on, no checks nothing to ensure it is spent as intended.

So what will practically happen is that those already inclined to eat a healthy diet will still do so and may well benefit from the hand out as intended.

Others may use it to buy baby items, or stock a nursery.

Unfortunately, as any one with half a brain can work out, those who most need a healthy diet boost are just as likely to spend it on booze, cigarettes, or a new pair of shoes.

The idiots might at least have issued the hand out as vouchers to be spent on certain products, though even this would then free up an equivalent amount to spend on something else it might at least get people to eat fruit and veg that might otherwise have been eating burgers and fries.

So basically it’s a hand out for getting pregnant. Have the Government been listening to the Pope’s concerns?

This waste of money is estimated to be likely to cost the long-suffering and much abused taxpayer between £70, and £80 million a year.

A sensible person wouldn’t leave someone who could come up with an idea like this in charge of a newspaper round collection, let alone public money.


Wolfie said...

A sensible tax break would seem in order, for the spouse if they have one too. Then at least those who are producing as well as productive benefit.

CFD Ed said...

They must have worked quite hard to come up with such a singularly useless - and guaranteed to be ineffective scheme for their sound bite.

Almost anything would probably be more effective than what they have proposed.