Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Democracy as it relates to the question of Brexit

I know, as anyone else must, who is honest with themselves, that as a rule nothing is perfect, but, when it comes to deciding the rules we live by, who in practice governs and how, then unfortunately the best we can hope for is often the least worse option. J

I can not take credit for originating this thought, or even claim it is ‘bleeding edge’ thinking. Here I will take the opportunity of quoting Winston Churchill: …democracy is the worst form of government - Except for all the others...”

Now if one accepts the principle of democracy – that the people decide, as a whole on something -  it seems to me one there must be a hierarchy of methods of implementing it, based on the purity and directness of the expression of that will.

 Rather than having a separate Quote of the day here I’ll mention Aristotle: “If liberty and equality, as is thought by some are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government - to the utmost.”
Having said that then surely a direct vote by each and every individual in the population on a specific point must morally and in all honesty beat any other method? The method in the UK used is whatever side of the question is supported by the majority.

In other words a referendum. Quelle surprise! By purest co-incidence the UK has recently had just such a thing to decide upon leaving the EU. The turnout was high (important to the democratic process) practically everyone in the UK was eligible to vote and the decision was a majority for leaving the EU – Simple enough to grasp.

Not a vote for a “Hard Brexit”, or a “Soft Brexit” or a “posture sprung, memory foam Brexit, with down filled duvet”. Just stay vs leave.

So logically a leave result should result in Leave being triggered and negotiations to get the best deal available, but if no reasonable deal were on the table due to the desire of EU politicians to ‘Punish’ the UK then that would be something we would have to live with and implicit in the original question. In fact I seem to recall it being emphasized by some Remainers before the vote so no one can claim it wasn’t on the table to begin with.

Not all so-called parliamentarians necessarily  approve of referenda as it cuts out the middle man – THEM. Especially those implacably opposed to leaving the EU for ideological reasons, ambition & Quid pro quo, or simple vested interests. They are used to being the ones to decide, not the mere plebs they allegedly represent..

Still the EU and it’s supporters can be quite viciously and deviously ruthless when roused. They have never let a little thing like an unfavorable referendum get in the way of their project before. They just keep going back and forcing another variation on the referendum or bypassing a referendum until they get the s result they want, whereupon suddenly they are perfectly happy to accept the result and will turn on anyone who isn’t, like a pack.

There are plenty of examples where countries have been told to think again or had something imposed despite a referendum and in some cases the rules have been twisted  to allow new treaties to be imposed by the back door by making a tiny change and renaming them as something else.

Now the Remainers,  fronted by anti-Brexit London based fund manager Gina Miller and a legal team, are manipulating the judicial system to block the PM initiating the leave process that is necessary in order to begin negotiations, as  the EU has insisted  that no negotiation can begin until the after process is initiated. 

Why? Apparently, as best as I can tell, on the grounds that they want parliament to vote on the leave package that has not been negotiated yet before the leave process can be initiated. Egg/Chicken anyone? Catch 22 anyone?

Surely the best time for parliament to get involved is once something is actually up for agreement?

Now the Remainers are starting an ‘independent’ pressure group to initiate criminal proceedings against the leave campaign, claiming they lied about how much cash might, or might not, be available for the NHS (British National Health Service). Considering some of the lies pedaled by the remain camp. (Remain claimed Brexit would lead to War for instance) That is difficult to accept. If so every politician and party since the first world war would have been equally guilty including the remain camp .

A democrat is someone who will support the democratic process even when they don’t agree. 

As Jerrod Carmichael said: “True democracy isn’t just listening to people you agree with,”

He is right - and I would go further. True democracy isn’t just about accepting a result you agree with.  It is about accepting a result you don't necessarily agree with. It certainly isn’t about subverting a result you don’t agree with.

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