Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Be upstanding for Mayor... Ronnie Cray

Thank goodness for the European Courts. An idiot’s idea of “Human rights” that keep armies of parasites at the public trough. And also for useless, craven, UK politicians.

It seems the unelected legislators who make up European court of human rights has decided it is unfair that criminals actually serving time are not allowed to vote. Do any of these judges have cousins who are of course “legitimate businessmen”?

Who brought the case before them? Would you believe it was almost literally... “Heeeeer’s JOHNNNY!!!" A "mad axe murderer” by your average man’s definition, who has been let out? And yes his name really is John and he killed his landlady with a genuine axe and then pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility.

You couldn’t make it up and be believed.

The UK government appears to be actually going along with this piece of insanity. For fear the Human rights industry will hit them with huge claims on behalf of the poor deprived inmates.

We can all imagine the likelihood of the French government going along with that – for about a millisecond!

They would probably simply shrug in that Gallic way and do just as they pleased, as they do over anything else that comes out of the EU that does not suit them. And the EU would do nothing.

So if our pointless politicians do go along with it, presumably the crooks will get to vote in the constituency where they are actually incarcerated, if that’s what they want, it being their place of abode. There are 48,000 of them concentrated in various places

The only exceptions will be those who commit the two truly terrible crimes of non-payment of debts or God forbid - contempt of court..

Presumably they will be able to vote in National, local council elections and parish council elections...

Presumably they will vote for candidates that suit them and as a block, given the way things work.

Cameron was making noises about making the local police chief an elected official.

So how long before local Councils in large prison’s catchment areas are packed with ex and unconvinced criminals. You know.. “legitimate businessmen” like Al Capone, or the Crays..

The question we need to ask ourselves is once what amounts to the mafia are in charge will they prove more effective that the political elite? Will the average citizen be better, or worse, off.

Compare the relative prosperity of Southern and Northern Italy.

One thing you can bet - the dustmen won’t go on strike any time soon - unless they are told to.

Meanwhile how long before the EU Court of Human Rights demands the vote for those they really have so much more in common with than anyone else - the clinically insane...


Moggs Tigerpaw said...

This seems crazy.

Do these judges get so lost counting the number of angels that can danc eon the head of a pin that they can't see an elephant if it stands on their foot?

I think that must be the problem.

Maybe they will say next it is wrong to lock them up also?

CFD Ed said...

You said, "Maybe they will say next it is wrong to lock them up also?"

Please - don't tempt fate.