Thursday, 23 April 2009

Food for thought

The UK government and it's indirectly government financed “pressure groups” and “Charities” have been really pushing the anti obesity thing for some time now with talk of taxing certain food products plus having set minimum prices for alcohol and punitive taxes on it too.

If you are overweight you are not just morally reprehensible because the Puritanical socialist-patrician classes don't approve of you.

No from their tone you are not just a resource hogging criminal because you are personally destroying the UK's National Health Service.

Now it seems you threaten the whole planet, every last one of us, every creature and plant you are personally making “Climate Change” worse and you must be stopped.


Wolfie said...

Well that's going to be interesting because I was on a bus home recently and looked over the assembled full company and noted :

1) I was the only white person on the bus.

2) The bus was full (seating only).

3) I was the only person who would escape a word from their GP about their weight.

My first thought was... Phew these people are going to cost the NHS a fortune in a few years time.

Question : Race trumps gender. Does it also trump Food fascism?

CFD Ed said...

Wolfie, Firstly, is the contents of a bus necessarily a good representative sample of the overall population?

I would surmise not.

Probably more angled towards the less affluent and sucessful, and thus possibly in turn towards the (if you believe the figures) less healthy.

Secondly, given the pensions hole, significantly contributed to, if not actually manufatured by Gordon Brown in his capacity as the "no more boom and bust" Chancellor then surely the State should be actively encouraging heavily taxed life shortening activities like smoking, drinking and indeed eating to excess.

That way those who indulge will be contributing huge amounts of additional tax, their NHS, income tax, pension payments, etc. probabvly only to expire without claiming anything like what they contributed.

Of course - if there was no NHS they wouldn't be a problem at all and the state would have no justification to tell you what you can and can't eat, or drink.

Can't have that can we?

Come to think of it if the NHS were run propely the same might be true.

On your question. Not always, depends if it's "racism".