Saturday, 29 November 2008


This blog would like to express its solidarity with the people of India - and particularly the citizens of Bombay at this time.

We all know they have suffered a murderous citywide attack by calculating, but rabidly savage murderous religious maniacs, who care not what atrocities they do. Apparently driven by a twisted and wickedly distorted ideology.

Innocent honest hardworking citizens making their way home, indiscriminately mowed down in hails of bullets. Men, women and quite possibly children indiscriminately slaughtered by evil wicked people.

In stark contrast to the murdering scum who perpetrated this atrocity, tales have emerged of acts of selfless bravery, heroism and dedication to duty by ordinary citizens of Bombay such as hotel staff.

To paraphrase…

One can’t help but think that we are all citizens of Bombay now - and that may be something to take some pride in being.


Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Poor Bombay, Those poor people gunned down and blown up.

But it does seem that ordinary people often face such horrible things with astonishing unthinking courage and decency.

I guess you see the killer's inhumanity to man, but wonderfully you also see the decency of ordinary people shine through also.

I figure it helps you keep faith in humanity.

Phil A said...

Moggs, Inhuman just about covers it.