Sunday, 2 November 2008

Halloween in Second Life

Halloween, or All Hallows Eve (AKA Samhain or All Saints' Day) has just been and gone over the weekend. This celebration tends to blend into Nov 5th firework night in the UK

Taking a leaf out of JMB and Moggs book I thought I might post on the subject.

It is also interesting to note that other cultures celebrate festivals often involving fireworks, such as Diwali or the festival of Lights celebrated by celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and also Buddhists I believe.

Every year, up to this one, we have put out a pumpkin jack-o'-lantern and enter into the ‘spirit’ ;-) of the thing. This year, despite good intentions, it was left just a little too late. Unfortunately I was left attempting to acquire one at short notice in the midst of an apparent pumpkin famine.

I drove round all over on Friday afternoon, but was unable to find one. Rather than completely miss out, I thought why not decorate my place in second life? They are unlikely to have run out of pumpkins there, effectively having an infinite supply.

So I set off and visited a few rather spooky pumpkin emporia. There was a positive wealth of spooky Halloween gear, most of it at reasonable prices too. So I made a few judicious purchases, including spooky glowing lights and an animated ghost.

My place in sl is a pleasant terraced half-timbered building in the Tudor sim of Reading Primley, Renaissance Isle, so it has atmosphere anyway.

On my return from the expedition it was the matter of only a few minutes work to fix up some pumpkins, the ghost lights and a the piece de resistance - the ghost, that I set up to emerge from my front door and float into the street every now and again.

I think the whole thing worked well.

So Happy Halloween, Samhain, Diwali, etc. all.

Oh and at this time of year let’s also not forget the man reputed to have been the only one ever to have entered parliament with honourable intentions - Guy Fawkes.


jmb said...

Now how come you did not invite Miss Moggs and I over for Halloween? I think your house looks great.

I cannot believe what a big deal was made for Halloween in Second Life. There were decorations everywhere, pumpkins all over and all kinds of hunts for prizes.

I had on my front porch a huge pumpkin which emitted light particles which I acquired from somewhere and every one of my fashion groups seemed to lay a free witch's costume on me.

I think I would have liked that ghost. Although controlling it might have been beyond me. My next door neighbour rezzed something that looked like a green floating octupus called I'm Spooky which migrated to my house and attached itself to me. It took me ages to actual catch it to click on it to find out the owner. I IM'd him and he had to come and rescue me from Spooky. He had on his Roman toga as he had been at a party while I was dressed in another of my many witch costumes since I had also just come from a Halloween party.

I can't imagine what it will be like for Christmas.

CFD Ed said...

JMB, It is all still set up. You are both welcome to come and see. If it is not dark then set the environment to midnight for best effect. I shall leave it for a few days yet.

The ghost was easy enough. He follows a set path round a specific point. All I needed to do was rez him and then move him into place to give the best effect.

You are right, there was a lot done for Halloween, including ghosts.

CFD Ed said...

PS Maybe it was extra popular in sl because of all the magic practitioners. Then there are the Vamps, Goths, related spooky outlooks.