Thursday, 19 June 2008

New-Labour and the Westminster mindset vs Liberty and David Davis

Recently I posted on David Davis’ resignation over the 42 day issue, the erosion of traditional British liberties and civil rights in general.

I asked the question was it him or Westminster that was out of step with the country. The consensus was Westminster was ‘bog chaining’ on parade - well out of step.

Well he has set up a website here. More power to his elbow. Worth a visit.


Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Labour, The Liberal Democrats and the BNP have all said they are not willing to stand against Mr Davis.

Scary, probably Labour have the excuse they can't afford to stand ;-) but maybe all three are keen not to give the issue of liberty any publicity.

Chervil said...

The David Davis story did not make it into the Australian media - I have been following it exclusively through reading blogs, including yours. Interesting stuff.

CFD Ed said...

One gets the impression much of the MSM, particularly the good old objective Beeb, are, like Gordon Brown, keen it should be a non story.

That seems to be the way the talking heads are going with it.