Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Just how useless are 'community support officers'?

Community Support Officers appear to be New-Labour’s cheap response to what had been the public’s demand for more police officers on the street. There may well even still be a demand, despite the police apparently targeting ordinary citizens and trivial effectively non-crimes in order to boost government targets.

These ‘Community’ (don’t you just hate this newspeak) Support Officers are a kind of pretend police officer, presumably intended to fool the public into believing there are actually police officers on the street. Well police officers used to be taught how to swim and use life saving techniques, they used to be taught CPR and first aid. They may still be, but not it seems these Community Support officers. Their Idea of supporting the community would appear to be to leave a child to drown .

Now it seems they are employing suppressors of free speech who might be interpreted as verging on the edge of being racists. Nothing new there then some of the more jaded and cynical amongst you may think. But it is. The reason police in the UK have been so successful until successive governments have begun to politicise and micro manage them was precisely because they were not. Because they were largely fair, even despite the natural tendency towards preconceived ideas we are all so often prone to - also they had and were allowed to use their discretion.

The question is why did West Midlands Police not suspend and hopefully sack this particular Community Support Officer? His behaviour went beyond the pale.

If the police are in the business of suppressing religion then surely they should be more even handed and suppress them all, or is it only some.

If it is ok for them to hate certain nationalities and treat them differently to others then maybe we need to come up with some alternative.

Or display a clear antipathy towards certain political parties, in this case the Republicans. Maybe the Conservatives and Liberals had better watch their backs.

West Midlands Police refused to apologise and fobbed off enquiries claiming the incident had been "fully investigated" They are going to offer training in understanding hate crime and communication. One fears it actually calls for a little more than that. Surely if investigated the way New Labour seem to prefer the PCSP’s behaviour could generate a number of ‘detections’ for them.
Depends on how you interpret the words "You have been warned. If you come back here and get beaten up, well you have been warned". In light of the whole incident.


M said...

The behaviour of the PCSO is disgraceful as is the response of West Midlands Police, but its hardly a shock that they cover their own incompetence.

CherryPie said...

We need to remove the beaurocratic layers and get back to common sense!

CFD Ed said...

MJW, I agree it is appalling and assuming the report is correct totally unacceptable. This person is so far from the ideal they should not be doing this job, One wonders, apart from a natural desire to cover their own backsides, if there is another reason behind the lax tolerance of such behaviour.

Cherry Pie, Again I agree. Remove all the targets and beurocracy - and the Community Support Officers. Either they are fit to be real police officers they are masquerading as and should be employed as such, or they are not - and should not be in a uniform designed to fool the public.