Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Just how illegal should cannabis be?

Cannabis is illegal. You might not think so from general observation, but it is.

The Authoritarian State in the form of New-Labour’s Jacquie Smith wishes to make it more illegal (Class B) than it currently is (Class C), despite advice to the contrary from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. Probably as much from a desire to try to pretend to be decisive, after the electoral thrashing they have just had. Dave the Bloke’s fluffy, environmentally friendly, Conservative party, hinting at it’s less fluffy antecedents, is apparently solidly with New-Labour on this.

One suspects the police would, on the whole, rather leave it where it is,

Given that the State’s policy on drugs effectively makes criminals out of (one suspects) a majority of the population - the otherwise law abiding, the question that occurs is: “What impact does this have on the population as a whole’s respect for the law?”.

One fears much the same as prohibition in the US, almost entirely negative – except for organised crime. One imagines they might pump a fair bit into lobbying for Cannabis to remain illegal…


Anonymous said...

Two more brain cells and Jaquie Smith would be a tree.

Gordon is a moron.

CFD Ed said...

Ah! But a tree provides shade from the hot sun and generates oxygen...

Crushed said...

I agree, of course, and not just as regards cannabis.

I will declare an interest here and admit to liking the odd puff here and there.

But in the wider sense, that's not relevant.
No victim, no crime.

CFD Ed said...

Crushed, Absolutely!