Thursday, 24 April 2008

How the mind set behind the New-Labour project stifles dissent.

This is an interesting post. I recommend you read it all.

For me the sentence: “The solution is to create an ethic according to which any deviation from the consensus is treated as opposition to 'egalitarianism', to 'progress', and to 'fairness'.” said it all.

Just about a perfect summation of the UK’s New-Labour and their cheerleading ‘Islington Tendency’s’ modus operandi.


Wolfie said...

What I find interesting is that this model has become a considerable inspiration to politicians worldwide, due to its success. Its even finding itself into business management circles with disastrous consequences.

CFD Ed said...

Wolfie, I agree - Politicians are bound to like it. It’s all about more power to them, social control and ultimately big government. Keeps the punters quiet.