Monday, 4 February 2008

UK Parliament now second place to EU to those in power.

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart ex-Charman of Shell has a downer on ‘rich’ people buying ‘gaz guzzling’ vehicles. He wants the EU to ban anything that does less than 35 MPG.

One suspects the problem is not actually with rich people, as there are probably not enough to make a significant difference and they can afford to assuage their consciences by buying a ‘greener’ vehicle. This may more likely be his prejudices speaking.

From experience, it is those who can’t afford better who end up having to run less fuel-efficient vehicles, and there are many more of them.

Leaving this aside, what is particularly telling is that Moody-Stuart is calling on the EU, the actual Government of the UK to ban them, rather than what is becoming an effectively toothless hot air factory, Parliament.

Once Gordon Brown dishonestly signs away yet more of the Voters loaned power to the EU, Parliament will be effectively largely reduced to the power level of a County Council. We already have those, so what is the point of Parliament, as it exists?

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