Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Lib Dem election promises “not subject to legitimate expectation” either

Those who voted Liberal Democrat in the last general election presumably did so on the basis of their manifesto – that, Like New Labour’s, promised a referendum on the European Constitution.

Now their new Leader, Nick Clegg, who holds his seat as a result of that election, is also disingenuously claiming, like Gordon Brown, that the microscopic differences in the Lisbon Treaty somehow remove any need for a popular vote. He wants Liberal Democrat MPs to help New Labour block an amendment demanding a referendum and force the treaty through.

So now you know. With Nick Clegg in charge you can’t believe the lies the Fib Dems print in their manifesto any more than you can New Labour’s.

They will apparently say whatever is expedient to persuade people to vote for them - and then do as it suits them with no regard to their vain promises.

And they wonder why the citizen is loosing faith in politicians…


James Higham said...

Wonder what the Norfolk Blogger would say about this.

CFD Ed said...

Be interesting to hear his take on it.

as far as I can see there is no arguing the facts though.

It was in the Lib Dem’s manifesto. Nick Clegg is doing a Gordon Brown – even using the same excuse.

Pesonally I am fed up with sliced definitions, hearing them argue about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I think others are too.

Can we trust any of them?