Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Global warming could produce sudden climate shifts later, rather than gradual evidence sooner

It seems that ‘climate scientists’ are now suggesting that ‘global warming’ may result in sudden climate shifts later in the century, rather than in a gradual process.

This would account for any problems in actually detecting, or measuring, a clear, real, obvious, linear change in climatic conditions and puts off the prospect of having to accept that their absence may put the theory into question - until long after the current passengers on the climatic gravy train have well and truly left the platform..

What will happen if the mothership never turns up? Right or wrong, it all has a worrying hint of a millennial religious belief.


Simon Fawthrop said...

Do you think the Govt will give me £1m on the basis that I could win the ottery in 30 years time and if when I do I will pay them back?

Some of this AGW alarmism is getting beyond satire.

CFD Ed said...

GS, Hmmm... I suspect not - worth a try though ;-)