Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Diana Death enquiry pushed to £6 Million and rising

It emerges that £6 million has been spent investigating the death of the Princess of Wales – and that is only so far. You can be absolutely sure the final figure will be considerably more than that .

Why? Largely because one sad grieving old man, being fed what people think he wants to hear by people who can collect money from him, plus some fully paid up members of the tinfoil hat squad, will never accept an outcome that does not fit in with their pre conceived conspiracy theories.

No matter how many enquiries, investigations, whatever, they will not be satisfied with the truth they will only be satisfied with what they want to hear, what they sadly imagine to be the truth.

Any reasonable person can not escape the fact that this junket has gone on long enough – far too long and spent far too much taxpayer’s money.

No body with a realistic understanding of the world can imagine anyone would plan an assassination like that. That is the stuff of convoluted best selling novels. There were simply too many random factors at play and too many witnesses.

Much of what happened that night was clearly chance resulting from decisions made on the fly by Dodi Fayed, his driver and the random actions of the paparazzi. No one in their right mind would rely on so many random factors coming together to plan for them.

One can empathise with Mr Fayed for thinking the way he does and he may have some excuse.

He employed the driver, his beloved son made many of the key decisions that lead to the accident. He will be desperate to believe it was anyone or anything, other than himself, or his son that may have been responsible for this sad accident.

His idea of the way Royal families behave may be influenced by how certain middle eastern royal families who actually govern their countries do react and judge their honour. It would be understandable if a grieving old man, a man who’s understanding of the way some things work in the UK may be less than clear, were to project what he is familiar with, his expectations, on another princess.

With the best will in the world it is difficult to equate the plain speaking Prince Philip with King Khalid.

If Mr Fayed wishes to continue to flog a dead horse indefinitely perhaps it would be better done at his own expense rather than the put upon British Taxpayer’s.


Simon Fawthrop said...

If the Esatablishement had arranged the kiling then sureley it would have been easy for them to arrange a simialr accidental, or even "natural", death for an old man.

That so much of our money is being spent on a death that has already been investigated by so many competent bodies, on both sides of the Channel, is an insult. Perhaps Fayed should be made to pick up the costs.

CFD Ed said...

TGS, Re Arranging a ‘natural’ death – Absolutely! Excellent point.

The fact that he is still around refusing to accept the obvious is good evidence that it was an accident.