Monday, 18 February 2008

Definitely something to think about

Beaman’s World had an interesting post the other day.

It articulated something that I had trying to formulate more concretely myself:

Probably a majority of any group wishes to live in peace and quietly get on with their lives - but a majority that will not police their fanatic minorities is in fact irrelevant, when it comes to the activities of the fanatics and extremists - when it comes to how that group relates with and impacts on, the greater world.

If the majority do not oppose them then if anything they become part of the problem as they provide a form of legitimisation, and/or a medium for the fanatics to move and conceal themselves within and a resource.

There will always be fanatics, of every stripe. If they are not opposed the chances of their reaching a tipping point in numbers and momentum where they then effectively ‘own’ the rest and can do untold harm are greatly increased.

Possibly a concrete illustration of where the phrase: “If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem” fits well…

Go read the post.


Beaman said...

Thanks for the mention. :)

CFD Ed said...

Beaman, You are welcome.