Friday, 8 February 2008

Arch Bishop suggests adoption of aspects of Sharia Law in the UK

About now there must be quite a few people, especially in the corridors of power and possibly within the Anglican Church tuning over the phrase: “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?” in their minds - or possibly paraphrasing it and substituting turbulent for pestilential.

Not content to be presiding over the apparent disintegration of the Anglican Church the Arch Bishop of Canterbury Dr Williams has chosen to start stirring things up by unhelpfully suggesting the adoption of some of Sharia law in the UK appeared to be “unavoidable”, attracting criticism from across the (rather narrow these days) political spectrum.

Such comments can only put back the possibility of Moslem integration into British society.

He did raise some valid points in his speech, identifying problems - but his conclusions, solutions and ideas; betray him as misguided, weak and rather foolish.

If the law of the land does not apply equally and fairly for all then it is not the law of the land at all. Ghettos where different laws apply will just entrench the no-go areas the Bishop of Rochester, Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali spoke of.

Better we separate religion from the state formally and entirely.

Parliament should be the place the law is decided and it should be uniform - though unfortunately that is becoming less so, as more and more, actual power, is brazenly transferred to the EU, amid political denial.

It seems almost traditional now that Arch Bishops of Canterbury will say something controversial from time to time, possibly in an attempt to appear ‘relevant’.

But maybe it is time for this one to consider stepping down in favour of a more capable pair of hands – and who knows – converting ;-)


Anonymous said...

The Archbishop is an irresponsible idiot in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Moslems won’t get their hopes up and make the mistake of thinking we take the old fool as seriously as they do their clerics.

Roger Thornhill said...

The Archbishop thought long about this, I am certain. He is trying to "blow in" from the Islamist pressure.

The MCB must be nagging the pants off the government, too.

CFD Ed said...

I wonder if he had any idea what a fuss he would cause. It does seem like a case of reflexive proactive capitulation in the name of multiculturalism. He may have unwittingly done us a favour by bringing the matter up.

It is certainly not inevitable. Not if the majority don’t take the Arch Bishop’s attitude.

He will no doubt have been in contact with Moslem scholars over this, I wouldn’t mind betting one of them might have been Dr Suhaib Hasan, General Secretary of the Islamic Sharia Council and spokesperson on Sharia Law for the Muslim Council of Britain.

He recently publicly enthusiastically extolled the virtues of the UK adopting Sharia Law and I quote ”"Once, just only once, if an adulterer is stoned nobody is going to commit this crime at all.”

One wonders if Dr Carey shares Dr Hasan’s view that adultery is a crime, let alone one punishable by death…

That certainly trumps being reluctant to marry divorcees in church.