Friday, 11 January 2008

Indian car giant Tata launch a one Lakh ‘people’s car’

And Talking of environ-Mental-ists…

The Indian car manufacturer Tata have developed what is billed as the world’s cheapest car. £1,290, brand new all in. They are dubbing it the ‘People’s Car’ - or should that be a Volks Wagan? ;-)

It is small, cheap to make and has a tiny engine so it will be cheap to run. I caught the announcement on Sky News last night.

Much of the story was taken up with environ-Mental-ists bleating about what a disaster it was.

Now if it had been released in the US, or Europe, it would have been hailed as environmentally sound, low emission etc. Just the sort of thing that would be encouraged with low vehicle tax in the UK. But because it was in India and it’s price might allow Indians to actually buy it - well that was bad.

Their attitude struck me as dangerously paternalistic and unpleasantly patrician - in it’s best light.

The presenter pointed out that it would hardly be any worse than a motor bike and there were huge numbers of those in India. But the talking head seemed to think people who didn’t have a bike might buy one and increase pollution. They also suggested that oil reserves were running out and seemed to imply, in a self satisfied tone, that this would hasten it.

After some more discussion the presenter suggested that surely market forces would address the issues raised and the talking head was clearly aghast suggesting that market forces were the ‘last thing’ it should be left to.

This just about sums these people up Authoritarian, Paternalistic patricians who feel they should be in charge because they are the chosen ones who have the holy word direct from Gaia. Who think nothing of flying off to a conference in Bali, but criticise the ordinary people for wanting to have a holiday, or improve their lives.

One gets the impression they would just love a resource limited Malthusian world where they were the privileged overlords who could enjoy the benefits of modern society whilst the vast but diminishing bulk of humanity lived short, dirty, environmentally non impactive lives in mud huts.


Derek Wall said...

So when is an environmental problem not an environmental, when a libertarian blogs about it.

I agree that it is wrong to fly and criticise those who do so.

It is not simply 'Malthusian' to be concerned with such problems.

Long live the bus and the train

Also you fail to address the protest by Indians who say their land has been stolen to build the factory for the cars

Mrs Smallprint said...

derek wall said...
Long live the bus and the train.

Fine if you live town, but anywhere else - infrequent, slow and very expensive.

CFD Ed said...

Derek, Try Re-reading the post. I don’t think you are perceiving what was actually written.

The primary thrust of the post is against the double standard of those who criticise a vehicle that they would be more likely to praise for it’s eco friendliness if it were a UK, European, Japanese, US motor manufacturer, producing it and selling it in the UK/Europe/US/Etc. at £7,000.

Who appear to be criticising it because it is being produced and sold in India for around £1,300. Those who are in danger of appearing to begrudge Indians having what they already have.

And Mrs S – Absolutely. Hope of finding public transport that is actually really useful outside of an urban setting and you are liable to disappointment.

Finally “Also you fail to address the protest by Indians who say their land has been stolen to build the factory for the cars”. I didn’t mention the Indian mutiny either. It didn’t have anything to do with what I was posting on - the environmentalist reaction to the vehicle rather that the vehicle it’s self.