Thursday, 1 November 2007

UK think tank wants to Downgrade Christmas to be 'even-handed' to non-Christians

The Institute of Public Policy Research in all it’s think-tanky ‘brilliance’ has decided it might be a good idea to downgrade Christmas.

I know it’s become too commercial over the last few decades - but why? To help make the UK more multi cultural. That’s why?.

Just when the consensus amongst the ‘great and good’ had worked it’s way round to the conclusion that ‘multiculturalism’ does not work, is devisive and causes more harm than good. The IPPR is marching the other way.

They are suggesting it in the interests of even-handedness and argue we should mark other religious festivals in the same way.

Some problems there – Exactly how many of them?

If you are not going to accord all religions the same treatment what ones do you ignore and how do you justify it?

Should they all be Bank Holidays? When will anyone work if they are?

Their ‘solution’ looks rather more like just another opportunity for the law of unintended consequences to wreak damage and cause ill feeling, just another bunch of cognoscenti eroding of social cohesion…


JRD168 said...

Have you got a link to the relevant article Phil, I couldn't see it directly on the link here.

CFD Ed said...


JRD168 said...

Thanks Phil, but I tihkn I'd have to read the full report when it's out to comment any further.

Crushed said...

Did you know Muslims acknowledge Xmas? The Koran accepts the virgin birth. True.

Birmingham Muslims joined Christian churches in condemning our councils downgrading of Xmas.

CFD Ed said...

Re: “Did you know Muslims acknowledge Xmas? The Koran accepts the virgin birth.”

I knew they revere Jesus as a prophet. As I understood it there is no particular disagreement about him except on the subject of his divinity and all that it entails.

Re:”Birmingham Muslims joined Christian churches in condemning our councils downgrading of Xmas”.

I don’t doubt it in the least.

The thrust of the post is at the sort of ‘right-on’ politically correct Multiculturalism that appears to be the motivating factor behind the IPPRs idea, combined with highlighting the actual impracticalities of it.

The UK has undoubtedly benefited over the centuries from being open to new people and the traditions and ideas they bring with them.

This has worked well because they have integrated into a mainstream society and quickly become as British as anyone.

They may have different religions, celebrate different holy days and eat particular cuisines - but they have become British and aspects of their culture have been gradually incorporated into a sort of ‘consensus’ British culture.

The problem with multiculturalism seems to be that it keeps separate, and encourages keeping separate, rather than accepting and integrating into mainstream society. This in turn promotes a sense of alienation on all sides and negative feedback.

The meta-context is that there is no need to integrate at all, different groups form something like ‘colonies’ or ‘enclaves’, don’t even bother to learn the language.

That way lies strife, walls both real and metaphorical.

For society to be comfortable to inhabit it needs shared common values, loyalties, manners, accepted ways of behaving.