Saturday, 10 November 2007

Founder of weather channel says global warming is a scam


Some interesting comments on Global warming from the weather channel man John Coleman. Coleman, now the weather anchor on KUSI-TV, San Diego, California and the meteorologist who made it his business to be right about the weather founding the weather channel.

So presumably he must know a thing or two about the climate.

That is why it is so interesting when he says that manmade climate change is a scam. You can see him here if the video above does not work.


Shades said...

s are broken (but video plays OK)

Phil A said...

Thanks Shades, they should be fixed now, just tested them.

Sir James Badger said...

He knows S.F.A. about it.

Lord Nazh© said...

he knows more than James :)

Phil A said...

Sir james, The man is qualified – and he has actually made a commercial success of predicting the weather (and presumably getting it right sufficiently often) so you can’t just reject his conclusions out of hand.