Thursday, 25 October 2007

Site Stats

I have been looking at the CFG’s stats. Here are some of them:

Language Groups: 92% English, 2% Welsh.
Continents: 53% North America, 40% Europe, 5% Asia.
Countries: 47% US, 38% UK, 6% Canada.
Browsers: 53% Firefox, 24% IE6, 17% IE7, 4% Safari.

I have left out any categories showing 1%.

It is curious that there are more visits from North America than Europe. I note use of Firefox browsers is the same percentage as North American visitors, though I doubt all the former are from the latter. It is interesting to note the Firefox users are in the majority of visitors at the moment.


Anonymous said...

2% Welsh.

Hmm, I wonder who that could be?


Crushed said...

I would be one of the firefox ones.

It is intereresting looking at the geographical spread, odd to see the variation.

Lord Nazh said...

US and firefox here :)

Anonymous said...

Firefox here too. IE don't do Welsh

CFD Ed said...

I was wondering if the use of Firefox might suggest a slightly independently minded bias in the visitors. I use both, depending on what system I am on.

The spread is slightly odd at the mo. Not so many antipodean visitors. The majority are effectively either English, or North American, the balance tends to fluctuate. It is more strongly in favour of the North American than usual at the moment.

jmb said...

Well because Firefox is so much better. I now get quite irritated when I forced to use IE, eg at another computer.

CFD Ed said...

It looks as if this may be something Microsoft needs to be concerned about.

There seem to be many who prefer Firefox to Microsoft’s Explorer and vote with their ‘feet’. It is a genuinely good product in it’s own right, that can easily stand against MS Explorer.

I wonder if there may also be an element of concern over big brother-ish Microsoft looking over the user’s shoulder in the choice.