Monday, 15 October 2007

New stealth tax on Pub quizzes & soccer teams

Gordon Broom Breeks appears particularly have it in for pub goers and has unleashed his stealthiest stealth tax yet. A tax so stealthy it makes a mouse tiptoeing in rubber soled shoes sound like a cart horse tap-dancing on a wooden floor.

Before he left the treasury old Broon Breeks put together new tax guidelines for a review of business premises. He carefully avoided the normal practice of putting it on line so people could see what he was up to. It only found it’s way into the House of Commons library after questions from MPs.

What were these secret changes? He has ordered inspectors to watch out for things like TVs, quiz nights and quiz, pool, darts, or football teams. They are to use them to hike the rateable value of the premises, drive up the rates for such pubs by hundreds of pounds.

That is likely to have one of two possible effects. Either the cost will be passed on to the customers, or the facility may be withdrawn.

Yet again Broon’s hand in your pocket.

Domestic council tax bills have already risen at double the rate of inflation since Nu-Lab came to power.

There have been concerns that an equivalent review of people's homes the Government have planned is very likely see council tax bills rocket.

Based on this example of sly practice on non domestic local taxation it is a virtual racing certainty that they will…

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