Wednesday, 24 October 2007

How strong is Cameron’s commitment to a Referendum?

Is Dave the Chameleon 'soft at the edges' on the EU Constitutional treaty referendum issue?

It almost looks like one of those conspiracy theories. You know – where the newly sworn in president is informed we were taken over by aliens in 1963 and although everything looks like business as usual, there are certain things he is not allowed to do…

I am just trying to come up with one for the ‘European Project’ that forces any politicians to back the European Project, or be pushed out of power by those who have already been taken over. I wonder if Dave got a visit from some MIBs recently…

Note to tin foil hat wearers and best selling authors: Try something involving the restoration of the Holy Roman Empire, descendants of Jesus, obscure sects and secret societies. Don't forget the hat tip.

It seems he came under some pressure at the first of his alternative press conferences to Broon’s Breeks Briefings, to give a clear indication that an incoming 'Conservative' government would ensure the voters were allowed a referendum. Curiously he avoided doing so saying that now was the time for a referendum on what is the old EU constitution in all but name.

True enough, he does have a point in that it is far better done now and in fact should have already been done. However it might ramp the pressure up to promise (a real promise as opposed to a NU-Lab manifesto type promise) one.

He is probably conscious of what a political can of worms it would open, if in two years time a referendum produced a no result – that, plus he doesn’t want to suffer the same fate as Maggie, or more significantly JFK…


James Higham said...

How strong? Not very.

CFD Ed said...

Unfortunately you are probably correct.

Crushed said...

Cameron- strong.


There will be no referedum.
It will be late by then anyway.

JRD168 said...

It may surprise to hear that I'm in favour of a referendum. Unfortunatley, I don't think we'll get one. The Tories have a less than sparkling record of granting them over European issues either, so I can't see Dave offering one if he get in.

I'd vote yes to the treaty BTW

CFD Ed said...

JRD 168, I too think it quite unlikely that Dave the Chameleon will grant a referendum on the matter if he eventually gets in, that is part of the point made in the post.

A major facet of the whole problem of course, is that Broon should have honoured the Manifesto pledge in the first place, then the matter could have been properly settled.

I would have thought that anyone who really believed in democracy would be in favour of putting the matter to a referendum, at least we would know where we were and people could accept an honest result and move on.

As it is, those against will not really accept it at all, those for will have the sneaking suspicion that the result they wanted was cheated and would never have come about honestly (not a problem for some European politicians I suspect) and the whole matter will fester in the body politic.

This whole contemptible performance can, on balance, only be harmful for UK democracy.