Friday, 12 October 2007

Heather Mills reportedly looking for £50 million from McCartney

Paul McCartney, has apparently offered around £20 million, to his estranged wife Heather Mills. However it seems this is not nearly enough for her, as she is reportedly looking for around £50 million and he could end up shelling out around £70 million.

They were married in 2002, amid rumours his children, prophetically, didn’t think it was a good idea and speculation that she was a gold digger - it all went pear shaped in 2006 - so that’s about 4 years. During that time Heather mills Gave birth to a child.

Now Paul McCartney is not short of a bob or two, but he and his first wife earned it - with no help from Heather Mills, in fact one suspects she was probably a net drain on his finances.

Twenty million sounds like a sum a reasonable person could live on comfortably for the rest of their days, properly invested it would actually grow.

So how does 4 years marriage entitle anyone to demand 50 million quid? That’s twelve and a half million for each year!!


Roger Thornhill said...

...and how much does a wounded squaddie get?

Liz Hinds said...

Absolutely. I don't begrudge Paul his money because he's brought pleasure to many with his (and Lennon's) music but how she can possibly claim that she deserves that much is unbelievable.

CFD Ed said...

Roger, Something around £50K...

Liz, My thoughts exactly.