Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Poor UK Summer: Global warming or just bad weather?

YouGov have conducted a poll on this summer's poor weather:

They asked if respondents thought the bad weather was, wholly or partly, due to climate change.

The vast majority 58% felt that "There have always been wet and gloomy summers and this was just another of them.".

A minority of around 33% did think climate change may be involved.

Interestingly, the older respondents were much more likely to attribute the poor summer to the vagaries of the British weather, than their less experienced counterparts.

When split by age 64% of those aged 55 and over, probably having experienced quite a few dodgy British summers, crouching behind a wind break, in foul weather, on a beach in July, put it down to just another bad summer.

Whilst only 48% of those aged 34 and under were inclined to take the same view.

Was it only months ago experts were predicting record breaking summer temperatures and hosepipe bans?


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