Monday, 23 July 2007

UK MPs demand EU Constitutional treaty be rewritten

The Commons' European scrutiny committee, a cross-party group of UK MPs has raised serious concerns over a section in the proposed wording of the EU Constitutional Treaty that states: "National parliaments shall contribute actively to the good functioning of the Union."

The word "shall" means they don’t get a choice. The word actively means they have to be pro active and "good functioning of the Union " appears to put the interests of the EU before the interests and independence of parliament. There are serious concerns they are the weasel words that could allow European judges to block future opposition to Brussels, or it’s dictates, by UK MPs.

The Chairman of the committee, Labour’s Michael Connarty, warned that "no one should instruct Parliament what to do" and during a recent session of the committee warned: "This is a takeover of the rights of this Parliament."

The committee are calling for Gordon Brown to reopen negotiations on the new European Union treaty.

Meanwhile EU foreign ministers, including the UK Foreign Secretary, David Miliband are getting ready to meet in Brussels today to launch the formal Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) will decide the precise treaty language.

William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, intends to make a major speech tomorrow, demanding a referendum on the new treaty, pointing out that it transfers considerable powers from Westminster to Brussels.

Labour promised a referendum in the manifesto they were elected on. It should not be necessary to have to force them to honour that pledge. All the wriggling in the world will not alter the fact that this so-called ‘treaty’ is a thinly disguised constitution - European politicians have boasted that it was just that.

If any Labour pledge, is ever to have any credibility again, they need to honour their promise and hold a referendum.


Scott Haley said...

Please keep us Rebels in America posted on what happens with the call for a referendum. Thanks.

According to your view, how much support for the EU is there in the UK?


Anonymous said...

Don't wait for being Brown-mailed. Vote YES now to Free Europe Constitution at!

CFD Ed said...

Scott, Re ”According to your view, how much support for the EU is there in the UK?

My bet would be that the reason the Government does not want a referendum is that they are pretty sure it would reject the ‘treaty’.

There were more efforts to suppress demands for a referendum yesterday.

In a debate the House of Commons yesterday, Jim Murphy, NU-Lab’s 'Europe' minister, said calls for a referendum on the new European Union treaty were: "frankly absurd"

There is much more support for the EU amongst what you would call the political elite and spread out across the political spectrum. They have been desperate for it, no matter what, for decades.

The general population is not too keen. A number think that the EU is the only game in town and the UK is a spent force without the EU. This is pushed as an alternative to the Full on Pro EU stance.

Then there is the EU has kept the peace in Europe since the war mob, who seem to conveniently forget that it was actually NATO that had more of a hand in that then the EU.

Ask the average Joe, in a public house (bar), or discuss it with a taxi driver and the prevailing view is often fairly negative towards the EU. If only because it is blindingly obvious we are paying much more in than we get back. Then there is the impression that we implement EU regulations more thoroughly that many other EU states when it does not suit them.

Please note the original EEC was sold as a trading partnership…

CFD Ed said...

Scott - Re the EU Constitutional Treaty.

Here is a video that my prove informative

Scott Haley said...

Three cheers for Peter Hitchens!

[Thanks for the video link.]