Saturday, 2 June 2007

Rostock & two smoking barrels

Anti Globalisation Stormtroopers clashed with German police in the city of Rostock protesting against next week's G8 summit of leading industrial nations in Heiligendamm, about 16 miles away.

A spokesperson for police described it as a "massive assault".

The BBC reported that it only involved a small portion of the estimated 30,000 people who had joined the rally, failing to follow the logic that if only 5% of the crowd had been involved that would still be 1,500 violent protestors, even half that would be pretty massive if they were bearing down on you armed with lumps of wood and rocks, as they were.

The BBC is interested if you have attended the protest and breathlessly ask for your feedback and pictures.

One gets the impression they would have been there themselves if only they could have got their hand on some designer rocks…

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Anonymous said...

Of course they riot. How else do they guarantee international publicity to rival the G8? The rioters got some attention, the orderly rest were just the backdrop.