Thursday, 28 June 2007

Petition calls for Referendum on EU Constitutional Treaty

There is Petition calling for a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty.

RJ Mansfield has set up an e-petition calling for a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty.

The wording is short and simple:
”We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to guarantee that the British people will be permitted a binding referendum on any and all attempts to resurrect the EU "constitution" (and any or all of its content) regardless of nomenclature.”

This so-called treaty is clearly and widely known to contain at least 90% of the rejected EU Constitution. It was obviously devised by Chancellor Merkel, to circumvent the constitution’s rejection by French and Dutch voters.

One wonders what those French and Dutch voters make of this betrayal of their democratically expressed will - By their own politicians.

New Labour promised there would be a referendum on the treaty. In 2004 Tony Blair said: “Let the people have the final say”. I seem to recall Labour even made a referendum on the Constitution a manifesto promise in the 2005 general election.

It is disingenuous of them (and rather insults the intelligence of us all) to try to claim that this treaty does not need a referendum – and appears to demonstrate a certain ambivalence towards the democratic process.

The Irish are to have a referendum on the treaty and make no bones about the fact that it is effectively a reworded constitution.

Much of this so-called ‘treaty’ has already been rejected. It has no legitimate mandate as things stand and is so far reaching it needs a specific endorsement from the electorate.

Let Gordon Brown know that he can’t just hope the matter will blow over, If you don’t want to be completely disenfranchised in the matter then please sign the petition.

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