Tuesday, 26 June 2007

‘One In Ten’ (Shades of UB40)

According to figures released by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 10%, or one in ten, of the UK population are now non-native. It seems that levels of immigration, higher than anything experienced before, are significantly altering the make-up of the population.

Still this increase is at least partly offset by people born in the UK leaving - so that should stop it becoming too crowded then ;-)

It seems ministers are now actually concerned that there is a "critical risk" that mass immigration will fracture society. A spokesman said:
"A points-based system from 2008 will help us selectively admit skilled workers where it is in the clear interests of the economy.''

In some respects it might be argued that society is already ‘fractured’, arguably, significantly due to government policy over integration vs. ‘multiculturalism’ over years.

One wonders why the US seems to be more sucessful in this respect.

When you have the situation in the UK where some elements of society are apparently happy enough to indiscriminately murder bus and tube passengers - and they do not attract absolute universal unconditional and unequivocal condemnation, you have got to wonder…

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