Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Olympic class... Rubbish

Yet another example of staggering Government incompetence – The new Olympic Logo has been unveiled. Apparently it took a year to design and cost a mere £400,000 (around $800,000 bucks).

2012 London Olympic Logo

Quite frankly it is rubbish, but what is really irritating is that a lot of money was spent on it. Money better spent on something else.

They could have got something better more-or-less for free, if they had organised a schools competition with the prise as VIP tickets.

No they have to spend a fortune and end up with something else that sounds ok ‘on paper’ (in the pub after a few drinks mre like) but is as usual not fit for purpose. They will hang onto it like grim death because people won’t get sufficiently worked up about it to complain loudly for long enough, unlike something like H.I.P.s

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